What To Prioritize In Your Bathroom Remodel Project

Taking on a bathroom remodeling project can be a major undertaking.  First of all, when you decide to remodel your bathroom you are removing the bathroom from your usage in the house which can become very stressful when you need to pee.  However, if you can manage some of these inconveniences, investing in bathroom remodeling project can be a good investment.

The toilet and tub

The first items in a bathroom remodel estimate in decatur, il are the toilet and the tub.  These are going to be the two main components used in a bathroom.  First of all, we need a toilet that is comfortable to sit on and easy to use.  In some situations, if someone has a physical disability or is elderly, finding a specific toilet for them to use can be a challenge. 

Next is going to be your bathtub.  This is also going to be a major decision that you need to make when deciding on a remodel.  For most people, the shower will be the primary reason that they decide on a remodel to begin with.  For some people they may only have a shower and would love to have a bath or again, if they are experiencing physical difficulties a bath can be a therapeutic device used to help heal the body.

The look and feel

Once you have decided on the primary components in your bathroom the next will be the look and feel.  You want to start with the floor tiles.  If you are going to have tiles, another flooring type or something unique must be decided on first.  From the floor we can work on the tiles and other items for the walls. 

bathroom remodel estimate in decatur, il


The last components you want to work on are the lighting and accessories.  The lighting will add a warm atmosphere to your room and the accessories will personalize the room in such a way that you will want to use your bathroom on a daily basis.